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  • Tax and legal planning regarding the choice of entity, business operations, and business sales or acquisitions.
  • Drafting of Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreements, Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements and other organizational documents.
  • Preparation and Filing of required documents with the Colorado Secretary of State and other governmental agencies.
  • Acting as registered agent for corporations and other business entities.
  • Consultation regarding and preparation of minutes of annual meetings, buy-sell agreements, employment contracts and other documents throughout the existence of the business entity. 
  • Consultation, research, and planning regarding tax aspects of businesses, business start ups, sales and exchanges of property, retirement plans, and other business transactions.
  • Preparation and filing of income tax returns for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities.

Interested in the formation of a new business?  Here are some of the documents you will need to get started:

If you are forming a Corporation, you will need:
- Articles of Incorporation
- Bylaws
- Subscription Agreements
- Initial Meetings of Stockholders & Board of Directors

If you are forming a Limited Liability Company, you will need:
- Articles of Organization
- Operating Agreement
- Subscription Agreements
- Initial Meetings of Members & Managers

If you are forming a Partnership, you may need:
- Partnership Agreement
- Subscription Agreements
- Initial Meetings of Partners

Other Business Planning tools, tips, and considerations:

Annual Meetings and Other Routine Transactions:

  • Most entities should have a written record of the annual meetings of the owners, the board of directors, and/or managers. These meetings and their corresponding records will usually cover such items as the election of officers, directors, and/or managers, the ratification and approval of actions taken by such acting individuals since the last annual meeting, as well as any significant actions taken during the year, such as the adoption of a retirement plan or the purchase or sale of a significant portion of the assets of the business, etc. 

Acquisition and Combination of Existing Entities:

These transactions may be structured in a number of ways, and the particular documents needed will depend on the structure selected.  

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