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  • We provide consultation, research & planning regarding tax aspects of businesses, business start ups, wills, trusts, and estate planning, sales and exchanges of property, retirement plans, and other business & personal transactions.
  •  Representation of taxpayers before the I.R.S., the Tax Court and other courts in connection with audits, I.R.S. appeals, I.R.S. protests and tax litigation. 
  • Preparation of estate, gift tax, and income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities.
  • Tax Analysis of impact of gift, estate and income taxes on the transfer of property at death and during life.

Tax Issues for Aircraft Owners

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Comments on the Internal Revenue Code:

"I am a mathematician, not a philosopher."  - Albert Einstein, when asked to comment on an individual income tax return form.

"The words of such an act as the income tax merely dance before my eyes in a meaningless procession; cross-reference to cross-reference, exception upon exception - couched in abstract terms that offer no handle to seize hold of - leave in my mind only a confused sense of some vitally important, but successfully concealed, purport, which it is my duty to extract, but which is within my power, if at all, only after the most inordinate expenditure of time. I know that these monsters are the result of fabulous industry and ingenuity, plugging up this hole and casting out that net against all possible evasion; yet at times I cannot help recalling a saying of William James' about certain passages of Hegel: That they were no doubt written with a passion of rationality; but that one cannot help wondering whether to the reader they have any significance save that the words are strung together with syntactical correctness."  - Judge Learned Hand, referring to the 1939 Internal Revenue Code, a statute which was almost childlike in its simplicity when compared to our current tax law.

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